Dank 420 Focus Leg Magnifier Jar

from £24.99

Dank 420, the brand of cannabis preservation products. 

The Dank 420 Magnifying LED Glass Jar. A glass container for optimum conservation and presentation of your best strains and at a great price. Similar to the Smokus Focus but better quality and half the price. 

Collect and store your herbs, expose them so that everyone can see them in an airtight container, illuminated by its three powerful LED lights. Admire your herbs like you've never seen before, with its 5x magnifying lens. 

Long-life battery and rechargeable via USB (cable included).

(for use with legal smoking herbs only)

  • LED light
  • USB charger
  • 5x magnification
  • Glass jar
  • Hermetic

Available in Black or Green