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Rip Tips...

These glass tips from Rip Tip / Gordo Scientific are engineered to provide the best airflow, flavour, smoothness and overall smoking experience. With a 9-channel glass vortex, The RipTip™ has been designed for optimum function using only the finest borosilicate glass. Each tip features the Rip Tip logo. 

Limited drops! These sell out fast... Certain colour ways may never come back. 

XL tips are slightly longer than the standard tips. 

Hit the instagram or blog to keep up to date. 

- Reusable high end glass tip. 
- Made in USA (COLORADO)
- Sustainable.

** Clear tips come with random colour decal. 


This is a rough guide and may take more or less depending on the length of the roll. 

7mm - Small (~ ¼”) personal size joint, spliff or blunt. Less than 1 gram


8mm - Mid-range jumper. Not quite a layup, not quite a 3-pointer. Swish

9mm - OG size, most popular! Good for 1.5 - 2 grams with king-sized papers.

10mm - Gettin' Bigger (~ ⅓”) Great for sharing - golf, weddings, concerts, etc.  Best with 2-2.5 grams and king-sized papers.

11mm - 3 grams and a king-sized paper will take you all the way. Share or don't!

12mm Large (~ ½”) Party Size, made for sharing and/or special projects.        Best with 3.5+ grams and king-sized papers.

*** MYSTERY TIPS - Lucky Dip for £28.99 - Tips vary in size from 6 to 12 normal and xl. (REMEMBER THIS IS A LUCKY DIP)

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