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KING PALM flavour overload!! The Berry Terps will take you to a whole new world of enjoyment. 

King Palms flavour rolls are made with terpene-infused food grade essential oils to get the flavour you need. 

To get the flavour you need just Squeeze and Pop whenever you want.

King Palm Organic Pre-Rolls are the future! These are completely free of tobacco and chemical, made from only 100% real palm leaf. 

Incredibly easy to use, they come with a natural corn husk filter, which can be bit or squeezed for smoother, cooler smoke. 

Pack with your favourite ground product for a super slow burning, tobacco-free blunt! 

- Berry Flavour
- 2 Pre-Rolled Mini Wraps & Tips per Pack
- 100% Organic Palm Leaf Pre-Rolled Cigar Wrap
- Squeeze & Pop for Flavour
- Tobacco-Free and Additive Free
- Packing Stick
- Holds 1g Each

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