CBD is booming in popularity, becoming a staple in many households as both a dietary supplement and for its potential easing effects on conditions like anxiety and chronic pain. 

While CBD (or Cannabidiol) isn’t positioned as a treatment or cure for any condition, it’s quickly become prominent in the UK amongst those looking for cannabis-based options without the THC side effects.

At Little Head Shop, we're here to give you insights into CBD, exploring its uses, benefits, and how it can seamlessly fit into your daily routine. So, whether you're looking to enhance your wellness regimen or simply curious about what CBD has to offer, we've got you covered


What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike its cousin THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the part of the plant which is known for the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana, CBD is non-intoxicating. This means it won't get you high.

It's important to note that CBD products derived from hemp do contain trace amounts of THC, but this is usually less than 0.3%, ensuring most CBD products are non-intoxicating.


Is CBD Legal in the UK?

Yes, because CBD is THC-free, meaning you get no psychoactive effects (i.e. feeling ‘high’), it is legal in the UK.

The law states all cannabidiol products have to meet certain criteria to be lawfully safe for consumption, though, meaning you should only buy it from reputable sellers.


How does CBD work?

CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, a complex network of receptors that help regulate various physiological functions, including mood, sleep, appetite, and pain sensation. 

By interacting with these receptors, CBD may help support overall health and wellness.


Potential Benefits of CBD

CBD has garnered significant attention for its potential health benefits. While research into CBD is ongoing, numerous studies and evidence suggest that CBD may offer a variety of advantages for both physical and mental well-being (though recent studies are presenting conflicting results). 

The previously touted potential benefits include:

Chronic Pain

Our bodies boast a remarkable system known as the endocannabinoid system, designed to regulate pain among other functions. 

When pain strikes, the body produces endocannabinoids that bind to specialised receptors, helping to ease those uncomfortable sensations. 

CBD interacts with these very receptors, offering potential relief from chronic pain.


Anxiety and Depression

Early research hints at CBD's potential in alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms. From reducing anxiety at work to aiding in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), CBD has shown promising results. 



You could even bid farewell to troublesome acne with CBD's potential anti-inflammatory properties. 

While research is still in its infancy, CBD's ability to reduce inflammation may hold the key to clearer skin.



For those with epilepsy, the use of CBD has generated a lot of attention in recent years, particularly for drug-resistant epilepsy (refractory epilepsy). 

While some trials indicate its potential efficacy, a systematic review advises caution, citing insufficient evidence to support its long-term safety and efficacy in treating epilepsy.

However, patients with certain types of epilepsy, such as Dravet's syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, may find relief with prescribed CBD.



Animal studies suggest that topically applied CBD could alleviate inflammation and pain linked to osteoarthritis. Human studies echo these findings, showing improvements in arthritis symptoms and even reductions in other medications. While the therapeutic benefits of CBD show promise, further research is needed to fully understand its role in managing osteoarthritis.


How to Take CBD

At Little Head Shop, we offer a variety of CBD products to suit your preferences and needs. Here's a rundown of some popular options:



Considered the most common choice for those just venturing into the world of CBD. It’s widely accessible and easy to use, typically taken under the tongue for optimal absorption (although the earthy taste may not be suitable for everyone).

Dosage recommendations vary depending on the brand and product type, but it's generally advised to start with a low dose and gradually increase as needed.

Our Best Selling CBD Oil - For beginners, we recommend the Orange County 500mg.


CBD Vaping

CBD Vaping has seen a huge boom in popularity in recent years, mainly because it’s more convenient, better tasting and is often a cheaper alternative to oil. It also generally tends to work quicker than oil, absorbing directly into the brain and lungs rather than through the bloodstream. 

Our Most Popular CBD Vape Kit - Xros Mini 3 with a 3000mg Darwin CBD liquid


CBD Gummies

These tasty treats offer the same benefits as other CBD products without the earthy taste, making them perfect for on-the-go consumption. Plus, they're travel-friendly and can be enjoyed without the need for a drink.

Our Most Bought CBD Gummies - Hempthy CBD Fizzy Bottles 1500mg.


CBD Capsules

For those who prefer a convenient and tasteless option, CBD capsules are an excellent choice. They provide a consistent dosage of CBD and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Some capsules also contain additional vitamins and nutrients, enhancing the overall health benefits of CBD.

Our Best Selling Capsule Option - Love CBD 300mg Dutch Capsules.


CBD Beauty Products

CBD beauty products are designed to allow the skin to absorb the beneficial properties of CBD. From soothing sore muscles to moisturising and protecting the skin, CBD beauty products offer a natural skincare solution.

Our Most Popular - Fresh Bombs Energizing CBD Bath Bomb.



CBD wax offers a concentrated form of CBD that's perfect for those who desire a more robust experience. Simply dab a small amount onto a heating element and enjoy the smooth vapour for a quick and effective CBD experience.

Our Favourite CBD Wax - Lemon Tree CBD Wax.


How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

The lasting effects of CBD vary widely, depending on a variety of factors including:

  • The type of CBD product you use
  • Your CBD dosage
  • How often you use CBD
  • Your metabolism
  • Your recent meals

Generally, it can be effective for anywhere between 1 and 6 hours, while remaining in your system for up to 5 days.



As CBD surges in popularity, it's become a household staple for those seeking alternative wellness solutions. 

Whether you're hoping to ease chronic pain or looking for something to help you relax, CBD offers both quality and convenience. With a huge range of options - from oils and vapes to gummies and even CBD bath bombs - there's something for everyone looking to explore the potential of CBD. 

So, give CBD a try with confidence, knowing that Little Head Shop is your go-to destination for all things CBD in Staffordshire and Cheshire.


CBD is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. Little Head Shop are not medical specialists and can not help treat specific conditions.