Our focus on RAW Ethereal Papers will guide you through their exceptional quality and how they deliver a superior roll and smoke.

Embrace authenticity and let the true taste of your herbs shine through.



RAW's created something special for those who get why the thinnest veil between their lips and the herbs matters. Their Ethereal Papers are for the purists - the ones who can tell when it’s just the terps talking.


Get ready to roll with papers so fine they’re almost not there – because when it comes to taste, RAW believes you should savour it all.


RAW’s Philosophy

At the heart of RAW's Ethereal Papers is a philosophy rooted in bringing smokers closer to the natural essence of their herbs. The brand is built on sustainability and unrefined purity, creating papers that stay true to nature.


RAW prioritises the use of natural materials, ensuring each rolling paper enhances the herb's natural flavours rather than detracting from them. This dedication to quality and environmental responsibility has made RAW a trusted choice among connoisseurs who seek an authentic smoking experience.


The Design of Ethereal Papers: Mastering the Art of Thin

RAW Ethereal Papers represent the pinnacle of rolling paper design, embodying subtlety and elegance. Their incredible thinness, like a translucent veil, ensures that the focus remains on the herb, allowing its flavours and aromas to shine through.


This design philosophy goes beyond aesthetics; it's a functional choice that enhances the smoking experience, ensuring a slow, even burn that respects the smoker's preference for purity and quality.


RAW's innovation in achieving such ethereal thinness highlights their expertise in paper-making, providing smokers with a truly elevated experience


Rolling with RAW Ethereal Papers

Rolling with RAW Ethereal Papers is an art that requires a skilful touch. Their ultra-thin nature demands a gentle approach to avoid tears.


Begin by evenly distributing your herb to ensure a smooth burn. The key is balance - enough firmness to hold its shape, yet gentle enough to preserve the paper's integrity.

Practice makes perfect, and mastering the roll with Ethereal Papers rewards you with a seamless smoking experience, where every draw highlights your herb’s purity and essence.


The Ethereal Smoking Experience: Pure, Unfiltered Enjoyment

RAW's Ethereal Papers enhance your smoking experience by highlighting the herb's natural flavours and aromas.


Designed to be nearly invisible, these papers provide a clean, smooth smoke. Their slow, even burn reduces harshness, turning each session into a moment of pure enjoyment.

This experience respects your preference for quality and authenticity, making each puff a deeper connection to the natural world.


RAW's Green Commitment

RAW's commitment to sustainability goes beyond their products. They're dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet, ensuring that their papers, including the Ethereal line, are produced with eco-friendly practices. 


This commitment is evident in their use of renewable energy, recycled materials, and partnerships with environmental initiatives


Preserving the Essence of Ethereal Papers

To ensure your RAW Ethereal Papers consistently provide an exceptional smoking experience, proper care is crucial. You should:


- Store them in a cool, dry place to maintain their integrity and prevent moisture damage.

- Handle them gently during the rolling process to avoid tears or creases.

- Consider using a quality rolling tray to keep your papers clean and organised.


By treating your Ethereal Papers with respect and care, you can continue to enjoy their unmatched quality and purity.


Little Head Shop’s Verdict

The praise for RAW Ethereal Papers speaks volumes. With a growing fanbase and rave reviews, it's evident that these papers have struck a chord with smokers. Offering a blend of quality, innovation, and a profound reverence for the smoking tradition, RAW Ethereal Papers provide an unparalleled experience. 


Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the world of rolling papers, these are a must-try for anyone looking for a higher standard… Or, to many, THE standard.